5 Technology Trends that Will Drive Small Business Success


The path of success for a business is not just filled with hard work but is also driven by technology. As an owner of a business, you need to be constantly updated about the trends that rule the business world. Most of these trends are tailored to fit your needs and would help your business to improve efficiency with the latest technologies.

There are innovations like bitcoin and robotics that are the key to success for big business companies but as an owner of small business or a start-up, these are not practically possible at the beginning. There are various other technological innovations that help a small business to come forward and grow. Most of these trends may not last for long but it is important to identify what are the most useful trends for your company and make the best out of it while it’s in the hot seat. New technologies can be used to change the business model or customer experience or redefine the whole idea of business itself.

2018 hold more promises when it comes to technological trends in business especially for small business owners. Here are some of the five trends that would rule the business world in this year.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Being smart is the new sexy and augmented reality helps you be super smart. AI helps you even with small and well defined tasks by programming the machines in such a way based on the information given to it. One of the major advantage of this a s an owner of a small company is that it will take care of your marketing strategies and you no longer need to spend hours coming up with ideas to market and promote your business. This not only helps you in cutting down your costs but also in saving more time for you. Today virtual personal assistance and physical devices have rapidly advanced paving away for further more.

  1. Internet of things

How wonderful would it be if the things around you could communicate or say what they are experiencing? Internet of things (Iot) mainly revolves around machine to machine communication and cloud computing. This powerful technology connected with AI can make everything around you smarter. It can make your business more wide range in a level beyond imagination. While Internet of things has been costly in the developmental stages, today it is changing quickly to make itself be available for everyone. This is going to be on trend for the upcoming years too as things around us turn smarter. Thus, the benefits of Iot are going to stay for a long period.

  1. Social Media

Social media has gained so much importance over the years and it is one of the key to success for small businesses. One of the main advantage of social media is that it can connect millions of people at the same time, letting your company get promotions and marketing digitally. In this era social media rules over people and the online image you create for your company can speak a lot to them. With features like ‘live’ and ‘stories’ in almost all social media, it helps your potential clients to know more about your company and its services. It has been found that with a rise in engagement and better association in social media, there is an increase in the impressions created. Another advantage of social media is that you can keep a track of your visitors by checking the page insights. Even paid promotions can help a lot towards the growth of your company through social media.

  1. Network and data security

Whether it be a small or big business, network and data security has become essential in this era where constant threats are being launched on companies. Network security has progressed so much using hardware and software to discover and stop these threats from harming your network. With multiple levels of security such as firewalls, data encryption, antivirus and anti spy programs, network security creates many solutions to prevent cyber crimes. An effective network security can always help reduce the fallout of security breaches and even gain customer confidence when it comes to protection of sensitive information. Moreover your programs and plugins would be updated to the current versions from time to time assuring a faster performance. There are various network security designed for protecting small business. With a good one you can prevent security breaches and legal actions that might put your business in waters.

  1. Access control systems

Access control system is closely related with web security. There are many trends that have come up in access control system in order to lessen the security breaches and have a smooth flow of work. Some of them include:

  • Biometrics: This technology has progressed so much that today it is one of the cost effective mode of security. Starting from fingerprints to facial recognition for access, biometrics stands as one of the best when it comes to website access or ven security doors.
  • Shifting to smartphones: Today with the help of smartphones and internet, almost all that we do is possible on our phone too. Many organisations prefer smartphone communication in case of exchange of sensitive information. Smart apps that can be controlled with the help of smartphones for security has come up widening the possibilities in tightened security.
  • Cloud transfer: Another mode of avoiding security breach or losing data is by transferring them to safe and secure cloud provided by a trustworthy user. Cloud computing is perhaps the most easy and cheap way to save your data from wrong hands. Starting from google drive and one cloud, there are several cloud computing apps and softwares available.

Act Now for a better progress

Technological trends move fast with each progressing in a quicker pace. As a business company that is growing, it might be difficult to decide on what to pay attention and what to ignore. But the keypoint is in keeping the long term effect in mind and working according to that. With effective planning, the advantages of these technology will shower upon your business. In a world of software integrations, innovations can be implemented and tested seamlessly, with a lesser worry. After all business is all about the changes in time that takes it to the next level of success.

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