5 Ways to Disrupt Your Competition with Customer Service


The idea of disruption is indeed an interesting and a unique one. When you ask a majority of entrepreneurs to name any company, which is famous for causing a disruption, you will come across responses like Walmart, Amazon, and Uber.

Walmart is one of the leading companies that caused disruption to local businesses ever since they were set up into a community. Amazon began their operations by causing disruption to the bookstore but eventually disrupted the retail world as a whole. Uber also caused a disruption in the cab-taxi industry.

Although the companies whose names we took just now have become household names, it is not necessary that only a big business can cause a disruption. You can be an owner of a tiny business for triggering a disruption. The crux of the matter is to disrupt your business rivals. In other words, you need to do something so noticeable or different so that the customers are drawn toward your business. Check out these 5 ways when you can disrupt your competition with great customer service.

1. You should not keep comparing yourself to your business rivals

It is quite a crucial one. What makes sense is comparing your offerings with the finest customer service organizations you are doing business with. Customers today are familiar with what an excellent customer service is all about. The individuals and organizations that deliver mind-blowing service establish a benchmark for all others. When a market is already crowded with a number of players, there is less opportunity for expansion. Hence, it is imperative to offer something that is unique so that you can create your own distinct niche and manage to minimize the prevailing competition. When you specialize, it can lead to a successful and scalable business. Plus, your customer retention will also become good.

2. You need to respond promptly to all customer comments and queries

When you ensure a prompt response time for the resolution of your customer queries or complaints, your customer is definitely going to say “Wow!” They will get the feeling that you really care for them and you are paying attention to them.  Your customers become confident when your response time is quick. It is one of the key ingredients to create customer loyalty.

You can also take a survey to list down all the pain areas of your customers. Always make it a point to include open-ended questions in your customer surveys to know the exact requirements of your customers while they use your services or products. The important requirement here is to offer good solutions to your potential customers and then provide them with what they require.

3. Make your presence felt on social media

The key purpose of the social media is to be social. When it is a question of providing quality customer service, it is not only about responding to your customer complaints. You need to extend your marketing and also establish a connection with your community. Hence, try to increase your visibility and be bold on social media.

4. Be convenient

It is also a powerful idea to disrupt your existing competition. In fact, many experts consider it the most influential disruption strategy in today’s world. Being convenient is the new slogan of today’s customer service. You can include convenience for your customers in so many different ways. Instead of making them call you, call them up. Rather than making your customers come to you, go to them. Your business hours should be set according to the schedule of your customers and not vice-versa. Customers should enjoy doing business with your organization. When other parameters are equal, customers prefer a company, which offers more convenience to conduct business with.

5. Embrace the latest technology

You may easily come across some amazing technologies, which enable you to have an improved connection with the customers. At the same time, these sophisticated technologies can also offer them an enhanced customer experience. A great Customer Relationship Management or CRM program can be useful in keeping track of any issues your customers have had, details of their past purchases and other functionalities. When you use the chatbots properly, they can give prompt responses to your customers’ most common queries. While new technologies keep popping up every now then, what is important to understand is that the chosen technology should make the lives of your customers better and not the reverse.

Customers are fond of those businesses, which offer exceptional customer service.  When you ensure that your customers are delighted with a great service, you can create loyal customers who will return to you for doing repeat business with you. Plus, they will also refer your products/services to their friends and family members.

Your customer care representatives should be always respectful and courteous towards your customers. They should have the necessary skills of customer service to respond to the customer queries with great positivity and enthusiasm. These employees should also develop and follow a problem-solving attitude and ask for feedback while interacting with the customers. A customer-centric business is always powered by reliable staffs that can raise the bar of customer satisfaction through their interaction with the customers.

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