7 Brilliant Themes And Plugins In WordPress To Beautify Your Website


Are you thinking of developing a new website for your business or you are after reviving your online business’ look?

In any of the cases, you need to be extra considerate for how your website will appear on the web when visited.

It will help if you think of the factor such as will your website be the beauty bang to leave an everlasting impact on the visitors’ minds and make them wish to come back again and again on your site.

Well, not everyone is after the beauty, some consider that the features and functionality come before the looks of anything.

Here, you need to ensure that your website is the complete remote control to all the desirable functions one can operate on your business site related to your products and services.

However, there arises a crucial question in mind. How will you make it all possible and come to practical application?

If you know how to write those HTML tags and move the pointer through those designing tools; you are all armored to win this competition.

However, if you are a person never been friends with this technological stuff, you still can’t compromise on your business’ style.

WordPress, keeping this in mind, has come into existence to ease up the life of all the non-techies and artists to still be professional with their work and build an online presence for their business.

WordPress can be called as the gold-mine of beauty and function elements in its platform.

It comprises of several elegant themes and brilliant plugins that can gear up your website’s appearance and functionality.

The count is innumerable, at least at the moment, for me; however, I am mentioning 7 of them combining themes and plugins here in this article.

WordPress Themes

I will start with writing about WordPress themes first.

Well, we see people recommending to go for WordPress as a platform for developing a business website if you don’t know how to code.

However, it is a kind of limitation that we put on WordPress’ versatility because it has a whole lot of themes to offer to the users as well as to the developers.

Whether you are an all-time coder or a no coding artist, WordPress themes are sure to amaze you with their style and appearance.

When it comes to counting WordPress themes, they are somewhat in three digits with astounding features and appearance in each.

It is quite difficult to check every theme and differentiate which one can be suiting your business needs; however, here I have listed some most brilliant out of those hundreds.

  1. Soledad

Are you one of the types who would like to dominate throughout the competition? Well, everyone reading this would nod to yes.

I am sure you would like your website as well to follow the same thing.

If we go by the name, it features to make your website represent like the dad of the others out there.

Soledad as a theme provides all the elements that will help you develop a website which can live up to all your expectations.

Whether you are a well-known market player or just an entrant; you need to have a website which can give fierce competition to those out there regarding visibility as well as sales.

Soledad comes with over hundreds of designs suitable to almost every kind of business niche.

Its layout is responsive to all the types of device screens.

It offers you with over 250 homepage design demos to choose the apt one for you.

These templates can help you to create your website design or use the available one by installing it directly.

It gives you over 600 options to customize your WordPress website along with over 1000 sliders and blog layout combinations.

Not limiting to the beauty alone, it supports AMP, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and BBPress plugins.

Since its launch, it has gained the undeniable fame, and its features are the ones justifying that completely.

It has the option of online documentation with the support of WordPress Customizer feature, which will help you in learning and creating along with eradicating the mistakes.

  1. Kalium

Here, WordPress has brought us a theme which is perfect for the businesses who would love to enhance their online brand value.

You are looking for a beautiful website maintaining its beauty for your business, but you don’t know how to code; not to worry at all.

WordPress offers you the ability to design like a pro even when you don’t know how to do it.

With Kalium as your theme, you can create an award-winning website which can draw you crazy amount of web traffic and help in enhancing your web sales.

It helps you build and design the website for different business types such as a website for a freelancer, a fashion shop, restaurant, a law firm, architecture, photography and many others.

It allows you to access a lifetime free update feature for the content that you can update on your website.

It lets you manage the font styles, size, Product filters, layout sliders, and others.

It supports you to make your content available in multiple languages with the WPML, multilingual plugin and providing your website RTL support.

Not only languages, but it also supports complete customization which makes it the most loved WordPress theme.

Further, it supports the website to have a responsive nature. It helps your site enhance seamlessly on any device screen.

  1. TheGem

Do you consider your website as a Gem for your business? Well, if so, then WordPress brings up a theme to design your website like one.

TheGem is a WordPress theme which is highly versatile to suit a horde of artistic ideas for developing a business website.

It comes with a collection of creative designs, intelligent tools, SEO, and high performance as its core features.

It promises to provide award-winning website design, versatile navigation, enhanced optimization and page speed, and power to customize the complete website as you wish.

Along with that, it adds up to the beauty elements with providing parallax, fancy headings, built-in menu, 2500+ font icons, and blog layouts as elements in the theme.

We can count on reasons to call it a gem of themes to select for your website design:

  • It offers high performance with fast and light-weighted UX and increased page speed.
  • It offers crisp visibility on any device screen with 100% mobile-responsiveness.
  • Highly scalable when it comes to creativity.
  • It supports brilliant features like WooCommerce for your eCommerce store, Visual Composer, premium sliders and RTL for multiple languages.

Thus, we can say that TheGem assists you to create a gem when you choose this theme to create a website.

  1. Uncode

With Uncode, you uncode the sheer beauty your website can possess with pixel-perfect imagification.

If you are a web designer and puzzled and secretly pressurized in your mind to please you, detail-oriented client, this theme is sending the aid to you.

It is highly considered one of the best themes to create the portfolios and blogs and attract the traffic in the most creatively beautiful way.

Along with the beauty, it provides the feature of a centered mobile menu which creates it more comfortable for mobile viewers to go through the menu options.

Adding to these, it comprises of an advanced Grid System, unpaired Flexibility, Content Blocks, Media Library, and tailored Visual Composer.


When we go through many brilliant themes WordPress offers, we can’t forget about the variety of Plugins it provides.

Of course, without plugins, it would become quite difficult to retain the usability of the website as expected.

WordPress, again, undoubtedly has a considerable number of Plugins serving different purposes of the website functionality.

However, here I will discuss some of the most used ones. 

  1. WooCommerce

A website is not only limited to being an online face of the business anymore; it helps you build a store and earn from it as well.

Yes, you hear it right, and you know it as well. Nowadays, websites have also turned to eCommerce stores selling your business products online along with bringing you essential traffic.

Here, WordPress has provided an easy help with offering this brilliant eCommerce supporting plugin.

WooCommerce is an active plugin which can help you create a complete online store with all the necessary functionalities of the store and making it well-designed as well.

WooCommerce is a single plugin that powers over 28% of the online stores on the web.

It is gaining its popularity because of the ease that it provides to the Store-owners as well as to the developers.

You can also add multiple extensions to your WooCommerce stores such as media integrations, payment gateways, security integrations and many others which can make it complete self-working store for your business.

  1. Jetpack

As the name calls out itself, this plugin is a Jetpack of features to add on the beauty as well as the functionality to your WordPress website.

It supports numerous WordPress themes to bring out the best available design for your website to make it look stylish as well as professional at the same time.

It supports an endless range of customization options with widgets, images and media support.

The plugin is ready to install and customize without any coding required.

Along with that, you can optimize your website for the search engines to gain the ranking among your competitors for your business niche.

Not only an optimization, but it also helps you analyze your web traffic and the strategies you apply to grow more audience. Also, it helps you promote your website and business as well.

It does not end on beautifying and promoting only but further goes to keeping your website safe enough from the malicious attacks of your rivals or the crooks out there.

It helps you with the features to monitor your website’s security, keeping it protected as well as restore the lost data as well if any.

  1. Yoast SEO and Polylang

Making a beautiful website along with a handful of features is not enough. You need to market and optimize it well to attract massive traffic.

WordPress provides a powerful tool for SEO which helps you make your website as much widespread as you want it to be.

Yoast SEO takes care of all your SEO requirements to gather the maximum possible traffic on your website.

It provides you with advanced XML sitemaps, full power over the site breadcrumbs, allows you to set canonical URLs, and other premium features.

It also allows you to analyze your content and the SEO strategy that you apply, snippet and social media previews, and a lot more in premium.

You can also add more versatility to your website regarding languages with the support of the Polylang plugin.

This plugin helps translate your website content as per the readers’ preferred language.

Along with translating, it supports in high performance of the website and is quite SEO friendly as well in regards to the website content.

Wrapping it up

Well, the above descriptions are the short ones to what these themes and plugins offer in the practical use.

It’s regardless to say that there are a lot many brilliant themes and plugins which make WordPress one of the best and the most user-friendly platform to build the websites.

I have picked up some of the nice ones out of the sack; I am sure you would be having a lot more to count on. Let us know about which ones do you like the most.

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