7 Tips for Buying the Best Spy Cameras


Security in the previous generation was complex and cumbersome. Installation took days before the system was operational. Then modern times caught up and with it came advancement in technology. The rise in popularity of DIY security systems has made it possible even for novices to set up their own security cameras around their property. Spy cams are especially popular because of their ease of installation and use. If you wish to purchase one for your home, here are a few tips to consider.

  1. Usage

Before getting carried away with all the specifics and brand names, think about what you want the spy cam to do. Do you want strict monitoring around your property for security reasons or do you just want to know what your pet is up to when you are at work? Will the camera stay in one spot or would you prefer being able to move it around? Is resolution something you are concerned about? Answering all these questions can help you narrow down your choice of spy gear.

  1. Power Source

Most spy cameras are powered through a plug-in adapter. Newer types of spy cameras, however, can operate without any wires. They operate through rechargeable batteries which mean greater control and versatility for the camera’s use. Changing its location is a breeze and you won’t have to run extension cables all around your house to power it.

  1. App Support

Newer models can be viewed through an app on your phone or on your computer. The footage is stored either online or on a hard drive. It is much easier now to keep track of what the camera is monitoring. It is even easier to retrieve old footage for you to review. When buying a spy camera, consider one with good app support.

  1. Streaming

Most spy cameras are able to access a live feed through your phone or computer as long as all devices are connected to the internet. Live streaming allows you to check up on whatever the camera is monitoring any time you want. Check that this is an option for any spy camera you want to purchase.

  1. Storage

There are two options for storing your camera footage. They can be stored in an online remote server or they can be stored locally in a hard drive or, in some cameras, a microSD card. Selecting which option is best is really a matter of preference. Note, though, that cloud storage usually requires you to pay a subscription fee.

  1. Field of View

What the camera sees is quite important. If you are monitoring a single spot, it is better to get a camera with a wider field of view, unless you want to buy multiple cameras. Some mounted spy cameras can be remotely controlled to pan and tilt to increase its field of view, although these types are a lot more expensive.

  1. Price

Lastly, let’s talk about pricing. Spy cameras vary widely when it comes to price but generally, fall between $120 to $250 price ranges. There are cheaper ones you can buy for less than $100 and more expensive ones at around $300 and more. Cheaper models have limited features while the more expensive ones offer more advanced features such as nigh vision, two-way talk and more.

Spy cameras can be used in any number of ways, not just for security reasons. They come in many sizes with a wide range of features. Take your time in considering what you want out of it before making a purchase.

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