AI automating global air travel


Awesome, not awesome.

“As global air travel continues to grow, the pilot shortage will surely deepen. That provides the industry with a solid incentive for developing an AI that can take control with one human overseer in the cockpit. The biggest challenge may be convincing the public this really is safer. So you can add human nature to the list of challenges facing companies like Boeing as they race toward an autonomous future. For that reason, you’ll probably see this technology deployed in cargo planes first, where cutting the size of the crew reins in operating costs.” — Jack Stewart, ReporterLearn More on WIRED >

#Not Awesome
“Unfortunately, the commercial forces driving technology development are not always benevolent…If you can get users addicted to spending 30 hours a week with a “perfect” AI companion that doesn’t resist abuse, rather than a real, complicated human, you will win. I saw over and over that an agent programmed to be neutral or subservient would cause people to escalate their negative behavior, and become more likely to behave the same toward humans.” — Liesl Yearsley, Serial Entrepreneur Learn More on MIT Technology Review >

What we’re reading.

1/ Political campaigns use machine learning algorithms to categorize groups of people (like white supremacists), and use ads to persuade them to vote for certain candidates. Learn More on Newsweek >

2/ Apple’s future depends on it’s ability to build great AI into its products, but its fierce commitment to privacy will handicap them in their battle against Facebook and Google. Learn More on The Washington Post >

3/ Machine learning will give birth to once unimaginable product interfaces, and it’s up to designers to make them both “responsible and humane.” Learn More on Big Medium >

4/ If we want future generations to successfully interact with AI, we’ll need to make major changes to elementary education — ones that emphasize problem solving and group collaboration. Learn More on Harvard Business Review >

5/ Smart assistants help us complete tasks with as little thought as possible, but the options they present they are based on “numerous inbuilt assumptions that many of us would question” if we thought about them critically. Learn More on The Guardian >

6/ Companies that race to implement new AI technologies without strong data analytics infrastructure in place will doing their organizations far more harm than good. Learn More on Harvard Business Review >

7/ Students using a new chatbot therapist reported a significant reduction in their symptoms of depression and anxiety. Learn More on WIRED >

Links from the community.

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