AI Is the Powerhouse Enabling Friendly Customer Service


Success can be driven by a combination of processes and an organizational level commitment towards customer satisfaction, processes, and the right people, especially in industries where businesses rely on their customer service excellence.

However, in today’s economy, the expectations of your customers can be higher than ever before. As such businesses have to leverage technology so that empower and enable their front-line agents while delivering customer service operation. Today, you will observe an increasing trend of companies turning their focus to AI tools so that they can drive a friendly and effective customer service operation.

It was recently found by Gartner that by the year 2020, about 55 percent of the leading brands will deploy some kind of Artificial Intelligence initiative in place. Plus, several of them will be driven towards customer service. However, the big question is how are the airline companies as well as others trying to revamp their customer service department with AI? Plus, how is this technology changing the scene pertaining to agent morale, the profitability of the support center, and operational efficiency?

Boosting morale of customer service representative

A critical contributor to offering excellent customer support is to have satisfied front-line customer service representatives and do not feel inundated or overburdened. However, that is not an easy task at all, particularly when about 30 to 60 percent time of the day for a customer service agent revolves around doing repetitive tasks that do not inspire or stimulate.

It is one of the key reasons why Artificial Intelligence is an effective tool these days when it is about enabling your frontline representatives. Your employees can work along with AI so that the tool can be trained to perform those mundane and routine tasks, which they do not enjoy at all. The time saved now can be used for working on complicated cases. Additionally, a customer service representative can now engage in greater personal interactions that were not possible earlier.

ESAT or self-reported Employee Satisfaction of the frontline agents can be boosted by deploying AI that in turn can lower your employee turnover, as well as, the associated costs while engaging the customers in more pleasant interactions. Thus, AI can reduce the stress level and amount of works the representative would otherwise go through in their every interaction, allowing them to resolve problems in a shorter time and facilitate a high-level of customer support. They can also devote more time to training with the knowledge management system to polish their customer service skills further during their spare time.

Satisfied customers and empowered agents are the two important stakeholders for outstanding customer service. Integrating Artificial Intelligence into call centers are leading to freer time for the agents, boosting their morale and confidence and allowing them to concentrate on the most crucial emotional aspects of every conversation they have with the customers.

Service metrics can significantly improve

Typically all call centers cutting across industries are driven by the requirement to attain some performance metrics targets to ensure that an acceptable customer retention and satisfaction level is maintained. The metrics used by the contact centers are specific and customized to meet the issues and requirements of their target clients. Some typical service Key Process Indicators for the contact centers are AHT (Average Handling Time), FRT (First Response Time), ESAT (Employee Satisfaction), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), and FCR (First Contact Resolution).

There are some businesses that also concentrate on field-specific Key Process Indicators. These are ideally based on their customer base and business model.

Artificial Intelligence tools, when deployed in a contact center, offer many advantages as these tools are equipped for handling issues, which can adder certain KPIs. For example, the biggest concern of any airlines is to address urgent queries instantly. The airlines can use an algorithm based on machine learning to make sure that all such customer issues, which come within the scope of “urgent” get elevated above the remaining message traffic.  

With the passage of time, AI will not only learn but also iterate its responses so that the service metrics can be significantly improved and make sure that the agents enjoy their spare time more productively.

Automatic call routing and classification

While traditional tools handle complicated KPIs and business rule, they have their own limitations. AI-based tools can be used to combat the challenges of skill-based and queue-based call routing and can lead to a tangible increase in the productivity of your contact center, efficiencies, and revenue. Artificial Intelligence can be used to match your customers to the best customer service representative at an ideal phase of their journey so that customer loyalty and customer satisfaction can be improved while optimizing contact center operations.

When AI and machine learning are applied properly, a contact enter can utilize its data to its optimum use. Contrary to scripted chatbots that ideally offer automated and simple responses based on certain defined scripts or rules, the right kind of AI tools can extract and analyze different types of historical conversations. As such, the AI models are able to categorize the kind of inbound support queries and route them in an intelligent manner to the most appropriate support channel. For instance, if an airline passenger sends a query via an email mentioning about his lost luggage, Artificial Intelligence can analyze the request and then route it appropriately. So, the contact center agents need not waste their valuable time.

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