Best support practices for SaaS in 2018 and beyond


For any and every SaaS firm, offering high quality service to customers is the topmost priority. Hence, it follows that you should have in place a support team comprising of members who are capable of extending superlative customer support and service that guarantee sun matched customer experience. The quality of support furnished by the customer service team can make a huge difference to your firm’s potential to hold on to customers as well as keep them happy.

Efficient support staff not only makes it easy for customers to access the details or particulars they’re looking for but also go out of the way to help resolve their problems. So, having a well-organized and resourceful support team is indispensable for promoting your free support software product or service. In this context, simply hiring capable support executives will not suffice; you’ll have to see to it that they work as a close-knit and cohesive unit.             

Providing excellent customer support is the raison d’être for SaaS firms  

Though furnishing superior customer service matters for all product or service-oriented companies, it is uniquely important for SaaS firms. Support teams in most firms and companies come into play only after customers have bought a product or subscribed to a service. But customer support agents in SaaS companies need to be proactive at each and every phase of the purchasing procedure, starting from onboarding to retention.

Since SaaS firms have to constantly find new customers for their products and also ensure that existing clientele is retained for staying competitive and economically viable, simply maintaining a user-friendly website may not be enough. The support team in a SaaS firm has to walk hand-in-hand with customers at each stage, making sure whether the product has been able to solve the issue for which they bought it in the first place.  

How SaaS companies can improve and fine-tune customer support: Practical tips

  1. Keep the structure of your support team flexible

You keep improving and updating your product to maintain its viability and versatility for the sake of your customers. And the same goes for your support team as well-the members should be conversant with the product updates and the short-term and long-term objectives of the organization.  You always make sure that your brand is user-friendly and consistently tenders the best customer experience.

Having a unique and exclusive product is of no value as you may not be able to promote the same if your support team is not up to the mark. Hence, having a well-structured and highly organized support team is a sine-qua-none, particularly for SaaS companies. Frequently appraising the support structure and adopting measures to keep it consistent with your firm’s mission, vision, and goals is essential for holding on to your customer base and improving the bottom line.      

  1. Generate opportunities for steady growth and development

Your support executives are more likely to give their best if they feel motivated. Simply put, team members will be inclined to contribute towards organizational growth and development if you provide them with opportunities for career progression. You along with your team should work towards espousing an organizational culture that fosters the fruition of career-advancement opportunities.

On the other hand, the performance of the support team could take a beating if the company’s work culture makes the employees feel disgruntled and demoralized. Eventually, customer service executives might leave for greener pastures if and when they feel that there is no scope for career development in your firm which could take a toll on the concern’s goodwill. One effective way of preventing or minimizing the occurrence of such a situation is offering the support members sufficient leeway in helping to create the appropriate company culture that facilitates career growth.

  1. Employ experienced and skilled support staff members

Your support team should be staffed by executives who’re the right fit for the job position. Even if a single team member is ‘a square peg in a round hole’ the performance of the entire team could be adversely affected. There is a high degree of variation in the nature of customers’ enquiries and issues that are generated on a daily basis.

Now, it is not possible for all team members to be adept in handling and resolving the different kinds of problems and enquiries. It could be that one executive is efficient in debugging while another is proficient in invoicing and yet another in guiding new customers on how to take advantage of the free support software. Consequently, it is extremely crucial for you to identify and choose ‘the right person for the right job’. 

 4. Provide multiple channels of support

Make available as many support channels as possible to your customers so that they’ve the freedom to pick and choose from multiple options. Allow your clients to choose from email, live chat, automated social media platforms, and telephonic contact. Though the niche segment you usually deal with will determine the type of support channels you should provide, ascertain the availability of nothing less than 2-3 alternatives.

6. Free support software should be easily accessible

It is quite ironical to note that the customer support widget or software that many SaaS firms offer for the convenience of customers, are more often than not, remarkably complicated or dysfunctional. These companies further complicate matters by making the software link or icon so inconspicuous that customers are at their wits’ end in tracking the same. Subsequently, there’s no gainsaying the fact that your free support software should be easily accessible on the website.


Providing exceptional customer experience should be the top priority for a typical SaaS company. However, chalking out an efficient support strategy poses a challenge for the majority of SaaS agencies. Nevertheless, it is expected that these companies would be able to keep their customers satisfied as well as rope in new clients if they abide by the aforementioned best support practices.       

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