Educate Yourself Thoroughly To Get Started With Career In UX Web Design


As most of the UX designers might tell you this, there is no such prescribed path to become UX designer. There are some designers, who might start with simple degrees in arts, and then you have others who were properly trained in the architectural school. There are some others, who have come entirely from different professions to try their luck in user experience. Not few designers have been broken right into this field without any form of formal training with genuine empathy for others and even belief of just making lives a bit better through design. But, to be honest, it is not that simple to land even the entry level position of a UX designer. Many newcomers have already lost by just inter-charging the design terms like UI and UX. So, you better dive right deeper into starting career in the UX.

Happens to learn the difference:

Right at the very start of the UX designer jobs, you need to learn the difference between UI and UX to not confuse with one another. This is where most of the newcomers fail, and you don’t want to be in that area for sure. So, make sure to log online and get the designer works covered for sure.

  • UX design is just all about enhancing user satisfaction and even designing for complete user experience. UX requests for a solid and proper understanding of the psychology, sociology and even design to just identify and then address some of the real user issues. Moreover, this section is often in need of the tactical skills, which will address user research, concept iteration, usability testing and even prototyping. One major critical skill for the UX designers would be to communicate properly.
  • Then you have the UI design, which is all about just selecting right interface based elements like buttons, text fields, drop-down lists and check boxes. The main aim over here is to create some of the tangible interfaces that users can easily use after understanding a lot better. In some of the smaller sized companies, UI designers might conduct entire process from the user flows to some of the hi0fildelity mockups. Then you have some of the larger sized firms where they can specialize more in just defining layout of website or app.

The major goal of the current UI and UX design is mainly to make user interaction as simple and time efficient as it can possibly get. Even the lines right between the UI and UX designers is blurred in accordance with various company demands and sizes. There are some other terms, which will confuse people even further and those are IxD, IA and more.

Educate yourself with more substances to be one UX designer:

There is no need for you to repeat career path of others. There are some practical advices follow for just stepping right into the UX design industry.

At first get yourself educated:

Well, this stage does not mean that you need to invest in a proper university degree but getting hands on a formal education won’t hurt that much. There are some higher education UX programs and courses available, which are somewhat necessary to understand, to be a pro in this section. In case, you are lifelong learner, you might be able to take some previous experience and apply the lessons learned from them to new situation. It is more important than specified skills that might learn in school.

There is a comprehensive list of the UX or UI books, which can create that ultimate starting point. On more informal level, you can easily participate in some online courses and follow some learning resources well recommended.

  • You can try following the notions of General Assembly. They are the ones to specialize in some of the in-demand skills, which will address complete program in the UX design. It is always important to take various kinds of classes and workshops and also attend as full time or part time student.
  • Design Lab is another program, known to pair students with some of their experienced mentors. Their courses will vary right from 4 to 6 weeks of courses and will charge somewhat around $300.
  • Being one major competitor to Lynda, the pre-course pricing of Udemy will make it an amazing supplement to the designer’s education. There are some of the free courses under pre-introductory notes for you to consider.
  • Another noted area to get education on UX design courses has to be Lynda. All the courses as procured from this site will have good reputation and might ask you to subscribe before just accessing them. There is one 10 day free trial available and the prices can start as low as $25 per month.
  • Fundamentals Of The UX Design is another online source for you to try your hands on. It is mainly coming from the Tuts Web Design, which comprises of around 16 2-hours lessons at fee of around $15.
  • Another interesting notion for you to try has to be UX Apprentice. There are some cost free learning resources and courses available from this source for anyone, willing to learn the basics and even the advanced courses around here.

Apart from these online courses and articles noted over here right above, you can even try to get engage in design communities, ranging right from visual design websites like dribble and Behance to some of the more comprehensive ones like UX Magazines. Being a major part of these communities will definitely help you to work on some of the self-learning procedures, which are less intimidating and can always help you to get inspired by some of the ideas of other creative experts. There are some more blog and website resources available, to help you get even more educated than before.

It is true to state that there is no end to learning, especially with a promising platform like UX design. So, being at the top always will help you big time in this regard.

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