Has online live TV replaced traditional cable TV


Gone were the days when people used own television sets and a cable TV connection. These days no one has time for that as corporate life is getting busier and busier. While many people do not really want to believe it, it is only a matter of time before more people are watching live TV online than on the traditional TV. Technology is advancing at great speed, more and more homes have the internet and quicker and more reliable broadband/Wifi services are becoming available. So how long will it actually take? Smartphone apps for Android and iOS have already started building huge audiences. Apps like Netflix, Solid Streamz, etc have crossed millions of downloads worldwide.

The main difficulty in transferring the majority of traditional TV users to the internet is down to their perception of how the service will work and the cost. We already have the ability to transmit signals from your computer to a TV via an output cable, we already have some limited available services on the internet and we already know that delivery costs are a fraction of those for traditional TV. But educating the vast majority of the general public about these facts will take a little longer.

While the depth of program material on the internet is nowhere near that of traditional TV, we are seeing more and more new services coming online which allow shows to be played online after they have been shown on traditional TV. More and more people believe that it is only a short jump to live TV online. Apps like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Now, Solid Streamz, Hulu, etc. are continuously providing live streams and on-demand video services on mobile smartphones which are attracting lots of new users. These apps come for both Android and iOS which helps them reach a wider audience and certainly are cheaper. The portability of watching anywhere, in the cabs or subways is one of the greatest benefits.

If the likes of the BBC were to go down this route in the UK then the rest of the TV channels will have to move in that direction as well. We may then see a major change in the way that revenue is collected with adverts, rather than a TV licence, the likely favourite. One thing is for sure, the TV services that we have today will look pedestrian compared to the services which we should have in the next decade, and it will be a very nice experience getting there.

Youtube has already taken over the fun of watching video for Entertainment and it not long until cable TV companies run out of business. The only way they survive is by adapting to the change, providing similar services via the Internet. On-demand video streaming is the future in this industry just like Spotify, Apple Music ended the sales of Albums and records by providing on-demand music streaming.

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