How Facebook Is Helping People Struggling with Mental Health Issues


In this modern busy world, everybody is busy with their own work and problems. Fighting with day today hindrance and obstacles. So no one has the time to look at each other’s problems or no time even to sit in a group and laugh loudly. People are so near still feels like so far. As we know we have addicted to social media whether it’s a mobile phone or computer w use it. But it feels like it uses us. Whatever it plays a major role in our life. Nearly 3billions of people use social media and the main app they use is Facebook. It’s the most popular communicative tool used all over the world. In the past, it was letters mobile phone but facebook app developed and included new versions which attracted people towards it. And no doubt that it’s the most popular one. It’s the easiest way to find your old friends and communicate with them.

Our research says that Facebook app helped to reduce the suicidal rate. In this busy world, people take no interest to share their thoughts and meet new people but h/facebook helped it and made it easy in many ways. Facebook helped to make new friends, create new fresh thoughts and avoid loneliness. When people left alone and no one to share what they are feeling or what’s going on in their mind it results in mental issues like depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, etc. In such cases, social media really helped them to sort it out. Facebook also provides helping hand service to depressed people. They can trace the person and help to sort their problems. In facebook one can post his thoughts and feelings. If the person posting the suicidal content then they can trace it or call 24/7. Facebook updates really use full to the person who is facing mental health issues.

People really want new and fresh thoughts. Specialty if someone is facing any mental issues they need support and positive vibes which surely received through social media special though facebook. If you are surrounded with people and they don’t know what’s going on in your mind or if you are not able to share with them it’s sure that you can share your feelings in facebook or with facebook friend. When a person is suffering from mental disorder facebook is like a friend to them. You can delete or unfollow the person if don’t feel right. Such reaction may bring relaxation to one’s mind. But in real life, if someone is harmful to your mental health and you want to avoid the person but you can’t it causes a disturbance in your mental stage. But on Facebook, you have an option to block it and make them not to see your posts. It’s really a good set up that Facebook application has. Loneliness always kills people. Facebook is a medium to connect with friends. When people get their old friends back its give positive energy to their life. In another way, we can say that it gives such people a new birth.

Depression is a kind of mental disorder which naturally and slowly kills you and leads your death. A kind of unhappiness, sorrow, hopelessness. But we can help such people to overcome such mental disorder. It’s not a disease it’s just an imbalanced state of mind because of stress and loneliness. Such people need love, support, and very important counselling. In this case, plays an important role and helps such people to come out depression. If you see a depressive post in friends profile you will definitely try to help them. Facebook helps people who have emotional distress. If your friends are going through a tough emotional stage and heading towards depression you just take a screenshot of your depressive friend’s post and link it to facebook suicide centre using help centre. After that facebook helpline will surely take care they will give counselling session without their concern. Research proves that it truly worked and succeeded to reduce the mental disorder.

People end their life for silly reasons. Suicide is another major issue that our world facing today. Some are so emotional and sensitive that they are not able to handle any negative comment about them. It hurts them badly and their last solution to escape from it is suicide. When you feel that someone is hurting you just avoid such persons block them and your mind will be free. Never think that Facebook is like an open book. If you are making friends an unknown person, you don’t know them personally so don’t trusts them completely just keep that in your mind. Facebook has both sides positive and also negative. You should take only positivity from it. Don’t be addicted to it or never take it too seriously. When we share our personal life stories or the problems that we faced or facing using any kind of social media platform it results positively. It helps to reduce our stress and anxiety and makes our mind calm. It’s like a catharsis. When we share our stories, our difficulties naturally another person shares his stories and we realize that everyone faces some kind of difficulties in their life and facing it. So it gives the confidence to fight against all the problems and negativity.

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