How to Create a Personalized Customer Experience


Ability to offer personalized customer experience has become an important metric to measure the success of the business now a days. Personalizing customer experience means that you treat your customers as individuals only after having a decent amount of knowledge about their habits, choices, and preferences. Businesses being able to offer personalized experience actually enjoy a better reputation among customers. Here is how you can create a personalized customer experience: 

Creating Customer Profiles: Developing customer profiles is the best place to start with when you are looking forward to create a personalized customer experience. Customer profiles are usually done with the help of demographic data as well as customer information obtained either from your in-house department or other resources. As you go through these customers, you will have a better understanding of needs and aspirations of each of these customers. Based on your understanding, you can develop your strategy which caters to the expectations of your customer. Understanding your customers is the key to business growth.

Focus on Customers: When customers are willing to know more about your business, they usually look at your history, vision and mission. Build your vision statement in such a manner so that the customer stays at the centre of it. Once your vision statement talks about means required to meet the expectations of customers, your customers will start believing in you. You should also ensure that all the customer service representatives use the helpdesk ticketing systems and follow the vision statement by their heart.

Learn the Names: Perhaps the most important element of offering personalized customer experience is greeting your customers by their name. Learning names might take some time but customers will always feel the personal touch when you call them by the first name. This can be also used in case of sending emails and communications via other channels.

Gestures of Goodwill: Gestures of goodwill are very effective when it comes to offering a personalized customer experience. It doesn’t only impact your customers but also your customer support agents. When your customer support representatives know that they have more power to make a customer happier, they will go an extra mile to achieve that. It also becomes easy for you to show that you actually care. Simple birthday wishes or anniversary greetings can help your customer feel uplifted and motivated towards your brand.

Customer-centric Training: In order to offer personalized customer experience, you need to train your customer representatives as well. Since customer support team is the face of your brand, you need to make sure that everyone in the team is adept enough at handling customer emotions. Customers never like to receive an automated response and it is your responsibility that they don’t get that.

Customized Self-Service: Not many businesses ask whether customers abandoned a transaction because they were facing hardship with making the payment. Self-service means shorter response time and happy customers. When you customers don’t have to waste time to know something like return policy or refund status, they can easily check the information with the help of self-service tool. Making this self-service tool personalized will gift you with business growth.

Careful Review of Feedback: You need to consider feedback as very important when you are trying to create a personalized customer experience. Having feedbacks is a great way to learn about the things that are going wrong at your end. Feedbacks are the opportunity for you to know more about the expectations of the customers. Careful review of the feedbacks given play a significant role for those willing to build a personalized customer experience.

Personalized Recommendations: Excelling at the daunting task of offering personalized customer experience becomes easier when you offer personalized recommendations. You can offer personalized recommendations only when you are aware of what your customer have purchased in recent times. While this can be easily done with automation tools, your ability to offer personalized recommendations means that you care. Being treated as a valued member is what every customer seeks for.

Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs don’t necessarily need to be complex and can be as simple as ‘your next purchase in on us’. When you forget to reward your customers, they feel that they are not appreciated enough for the purchase. Keeping customers satisfied becomes easier when you develop a simple yet effective loyalty programs.

Evaluate your Service: It is absolutely important that you evaluate your service in a regular interval. Staying in touch with continuous evaluation means that you will be aware of the changes in the tastes and preferences of your customer. Learning is the key to success here. Once you start reviewing the service offered by you and the response of the customers, you will be able to gain insights on what can be developed. This is the only way you can keep a check on both the sides i.e. your service and customers’ satisfaction level.

Interact with Customers: You must be able to provide your customers with the opportunity to interact with you regularly. Being present across the channels is the key to success here. You can easily get to know the devices used by the majority of your customers. This insight can help you to develop a strong presence across multiple channels.

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