How to Have a Safe Online Experience With Ad Blocking


How often do you pull up a website only to be bombarded with enticing ads and multiple popup windows? While some of these ads may be useful information, many of them are actually harmful to your computer.

There are ways to prevent ads from appearing. The use of ad blocking has quickly grown amongst consumers and upset the ad companies. Let’s take a look at what ad blocking is and how it can benefit you.


What is Ad Blocking Technology?

Ad blocking is a way to prevent ads from popping up when browsing a website. It is software you install directly to your web browser and most recently, to your smartphone. It blocks ads from popping up when loading a website and cleans up the numerous ads that border the content on a site. The user is greeted with a clean, more enjoyable online experience.

The Rise of Malvertisement

There is a growing concern over the legitimacy of online ads. There was a time that you could click on an ad and be directed to the company featured in the ad. But today’s online ads do not guarantee that you will be directed to a legitimate website that is related to the product or service indicated in the ad. Instead, the ad turns out to be malware that immediately infects your device, making you the victim of malvertising.

Malvertisement is a method of spreading malware (computer viruses from cybercriminals and hackers) to your computer through the use of ads. They look and act just like a legitimate ad would. The difference, however, is that when you click on the ad, your device becomes infected with the malware.

Attackers are buying out ad spaces on trustworthy websites (even Yahoo, Spotify, and The New York Times have fallen victim) and loading them with malware. So, when you visit your favourite trusted website, you assume that you can trust these ads when in reality, they are viruses.

In fact, you don’t even need to click on some of the ads to get the virus. Some start working the moment you load a webpage. That is when ad blocking comes in handy. Ad blocking software removes those pesky ads that may be harmful to your device.

Clean Up the Web page

It can be challenging to focus on what you are viewing when ads are flashing all around the page. On top of that, some ads will start playing videos and music without any action on your part. Now, your reading is disrupted as you seek out a way to close out or mute the ads.

When the ad blocker removes all the unwanted ads, you have a clean, white space on the page. The fewer distractions around the content, the easier it is to focus on what you are reading.

A web page can also take extra time to load when there are multiple ads on it. Your system ends up loading the intended content on the web page, as well as the attached pop-up ads, forcing you to wait even longer to reach your online destination. Ad blocking removes the ads that slow down your system. So, instead of waiting for an extended period to load unwanted content, your computer takes less time to load the desired content.


Stops Ad Tracking

Ad blocking deters cookies that are attached to websites. These cookies are used to track your online movements. That information will likely be sold to a third party and used to target ads more in line with your online activity. It can feel intrusive when that happens. By using ad blocking technology, you prevent ads from tracking your movements.

Make your online experience more enjoyable and safer with ad blocking. Clean up the web page, reduce your risk of falling victim to malvertising, and prevent ads from tracking your online activity. You will feel more comfortable browsing the internet knowing you have software keeping your computer safe.


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