How to prepare and what to look for when you are planning to become an SEO reseller


Flexibility and affordability are the high points of any SEO reselling program that has helped many SEO agencies and individuals to change their fortunes. The biggest attraction of reselling SEO is that gives you instant access to a wide variety of SEO services that help to retain clients who ask for services that are not in your niche. Many times, SEO agencies find it difficult to offer the kind of service that clients want because they are not equipped to provide it. In such cases, instead of expressing inability to provide services that can result in losing the client, the agency can look for some SEO reseller plan that caters to the needs of the client. While the client is happy with the services, the agency adds a new service to its portfolio that enriches its credibility as an all-around SEO service provider. All this happens without any major investment.

Affordability is another attraction for becoming a reseller because to create an elaborate SEO set-up is quite expensive. Even the services cost less for clients which are especially attractive for startups. For creating an impressive presence in the SEO industry, it is beneficial for SEO agencies to outsource some or all services that help to position the company as a reliable SEO service provider.

Things to consider when becoming a reseller

You must be very clear about why you want to become an SEO reseller, and this should help to create the right idea about the kind of SEO company to tie-up with. Firstly, you want to get access to a pool of experts who are specialists in different areas of SEO. Secondly, you would like to have a partner that has proven track record in SEO. This is very important because nobody would like to trust any company that has nothing to show for in support of its claim to fame. Lastly, the company that is ready to accept you as a reseller should be ready to support your working modality based on the on-demand model that is essential for ensuring scalable results.

SEO is getting more complex

Survey results show that most SEO agencies are ready to outsource SEO services and become an SEO reseller in order to meet the complex requirements of clients. SEO has become more complex with time, and it needs much creative thinking to implement SEO in a more innovative way that only specialists and experts can help with.  Besides handling complex SEO tasks, becoming an SEO reseller helps to maintain quality control, achieve rankings, manage workloads and prove results. For leveraging the powers of SEO and using it for fulfilling the ever-growing demands of clients, SEO reselling is your best bet.

The scope of services under a reseller program

Having decided to become an SEO reseller, you must be aware of the core services offered by reseller programs so that you can match it with your requirements to judge what you get out of it. SEO reseller programs are often composite packages of SEO, Social media and PPC marketing. Typically, it would include the following services.

Keyword research

Keywords are the cornerstones of SEO and the source of its sustenance which is the reason why despite various changes that have happened to SEO, keywords are still central to it. The success or failure of SEO depends greatly on the choice of keywords because it creates the gateway for attracting traffic that flows to websites.  For gaining mileage from keywords, it is essential to undertake meaningful keyword research by using the best techniques that align with the best practices and any leading SEO company should be well conversant with.

On-Page Audit

Before you set out to create an SEO plan you need first to know where you stand and what are the problems that you need to tackle on priority to improve SEO.  It is a part of any SEO expert’s SOP to undertake an on-page audit before firming up any SEO plan. The audit would help to create an action plan by delineating the steps to go through for earning better ranks in search results. The white label SEO company that offers to resell service should take care of this aspect.

Link building

Since link building is as much important as keywords, it is imperative that this should appear as a prominent feature of any reseller program. The link building exercise should give more power to SEO because inbound links contribute handsomely in acquiring high rankings in search results. Since there are many ways of link building, the SEO company should have the trump card up their sleeves that ensure better ROI for your clients. As there are no signs of Google dimming is focus on links, it would remain a very high impacting factor for SEO.

Focus on local SEO

Small businesses form the chunk of clients for SEO agencies because as resellers they can offer very cost-effective services that are attractive for small business.  This is one of the reasons why SEO is spreading so fast and is now within reach of small businesses. Bigger companies have the financial muscles to create their own SEO infrastructure and can even do without the services of SEO agencies. The SEO company that you tie-up with should have adequate expertise in local SEO so that you can expand your client base by reaching out to small businesses.

Content development

Content is King, and therefore the SEO company you intend to partner with should have adequate resources for creating and promoting content. They should have access to a pool of writers for creating new content and even have a team to look after content curating by scouring the internet so that there is a steady pipeline of fresh, unique and relevant content that convey value to the audience. Tracking content closely to evaluate its performance is also their task.

Implementing an SEO reseller program empowers SEO agencies to serve clients better and expand their business fast. It is a great way to beat the competition as agencies can keep adding service packages that clients demand.

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