Intense Downhill Freeriding Game Descenders Revealed, Watch Its First Trailer


Dutch developer RageSquid, which previously made the platformer Action Henk, has revealed its new game: Descenders, a downhill freeriding game. Based on the first trailer, it looks like it’s not for the faint of heart.

Descenders puts players on a bike and sends them through procedurally generated downhill environments. Based on the trailer, there will be forests you have to weave your way through, trains to jump over, and giant drops that might be a touch unsafe to try in real life. It also features a “fully fledged physics system” that can be used to “string together incredible trick combos,” according to a press release. There’s a glimpse of a frightening-looking first-person mode in there as well, although this is a standard camera view, not a VR mode.

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When you first start, you’ll choose from one of three teams–Enemy, Arboreal, or Kinetic–and rep points you earn will go toward that side. Everyone who plays the game will be contributing to their respective team in an attempt to push it to the top of the leaderboards at the end of the month. “Special prizes” are awarded to teams for making it to the number one spot. Players can also come together in the Descenders Overworld area to practice tricks and check out the leaderboards.

Descenders is being published by the new label No More Robots, which was founded by Mike Rose, who previously worked at noted indie publisher TinyBuild. An exact release date has not yet been announced, but it’s said to be coming “soon” to PC and unspecified consoles. No More Robots tells GameSpot it’s in talks with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo about bringing the game to their respective platforms.

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