IoT And Mobile Trends To Look For In The Year 2019


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Post-mobile apps astronomical growth, there is one emerging technology- IoT that has made great strides in the last decade. Just like mobile, internet of things technology has also become a part and parcel of our lives. You can easily view them in the form of connected gadgets such as smart AC, smart TV, smart thermostat, smart lights, smart refrigerator, smart microwave oven, smart coffee maker, and smart cars in your home, in addition to offices and on the road.

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Thanks to the reduced cost of the sensors, hyper-growth of mobile phones, 5G network, and an increased number of connected devices, which are gearing up the IoT shift.

IoT technology in conjunction with mobile app development is creating wonders as IoT mobile apps provide every connected appliance related information on the mobile, and allow the people to control them right from the mobile.

It’s like a magic wand in your hands that will let you know and do everything just at a few taps. It’s not enough. With a dynamic force, the technology is evolving and filling the gaps.

Intrigued to know what IoT technology adoption brings in the bucket for the individuals, businesses, and nations? We have come up with the list of IoT trends and how they will impact this year.

Here are the IoT and mobile trends that futurists and technology experts suggest for the year 2019 and beyond:

  • Artificial intelligence penetration will surge

The IoT apps produce mammoths of data which is nearly impossible for the humans to analyze and gain insights out of the data in the real-time.

That’s where artificial intelligence fills the gap with the instant analysis of the mountain of the data, which in turn increases the operations efficiency and system responsiveness.

Further, AI tech has proven to be excellent in image processing and video analytics that creates advantageous use cases and lucrative business opportunities for IoT apps.

It makes more sense to spend bucks on AI technology rather than on extra sensors integration for deriving the exceptional value out of the data that the organizations already have.

  • The Smart world will be around us

Yes, US has mastered the smart homes and smart building concept, and now it’s a turn of the smart cities where everything will be connected. The smartness will be in the air.

From walking routes, and sewage flow to building occupancy and temperature choice will be connected through sensors to make the place comfortable, convenient, clean, and safe to live in.

Besides, the smart connected car is picking up the pace where up-to-date diagnostic information, instant alerts for the malfunctioning, voice search, current traffic information, and self-driving will change the way people drive and their experience with the automobile.

  • Increased Security

The IoT network comprises of the myriad of the devices that are connected over the internet connection, which signals if a device is hacked or connection is interrupted by malicious software, then the complete IoT app can be attacked.

To overcome the challenge, the companies are taking security aspect of the IoT app development significantly by ensuring physically rugged and secure hardware is used, only trusted applications executed through hardware, considering security solutions that continuously check the network health and supplying security-focused IoT devices tailored to the industry-specific needs.

  • Regulations susceptible

IoT apps have turned the Sci-Fis into a reality, but the innovative technology has put a lot of data on the internet that can be eavesdropped by the fraudsters. Looking at the safety concerns, the safety regulations also appear to be on the horizon as it has led many legislatures and regulatory entities to propose and implement new regulations. Moreover, the success or failure of the GDP is likely to impact the regulations.

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