iPhone or iPad Crashing to a Black Screen as of Dec 2? Here’s How to Fix


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Is your iPhone or iPad crashing repeatedly to a black screen as of December 2? The crash is usually seen by the end user as a sudden appearance of a black screen with a spinning wheel cursor, and then you must enter your passcode to use the device again. If the bug is particularly bad, sometimes the moment you enter the passcode the device will crash yet again, putting it into some sort of annoying crash loop.

If this describes what you are experiencing on an iPhone or iPad, your device is likely being impacted by the odd date bug that has now been patched with iOS 11.2.

In other words, you can fix this problem (or prevent it from happening in the first place) by downloading and installing iOS 11.2 on the iPhone or iPad.

The problem appears to originate with other versions of iOS 11 and how some apps handle local notifications and alerts, so apps that may try to remind you or alert you of something can trigger the bug and then cause the crash loop sequence.

Tips for Fixing the Crash Loop Bug in iOS 11

If your device is actively stuck in a crash loop with iOS 11, you must update to iOS 11.2 to resolve the problem. You can try the following if you’re stuck in a crash loop:

  • Put the device into Do Not Disturb mode via Control Center
  • Or, disable notifications in iOS completely for each third party app (via Settings > Notifications > toggling off per app)
  • Then update to iOS 11.2 via the Settings app, or via iTunes on a computer

It’s not clear how widespread the problem is, and not everyone will be impacted by the bug because not everyone has one of the apps pushing local notifications to the device which could then trigger the crash.

And as to why it started happening on December 2 specifically is also a bit of a mystery, but perhaps we’ll find that out over time.

The crash loop bug is pretty annoying, and is probably why Apple released iOS 11.2 on a weekend – an unusual perhaps even rushed move for the company, which typically only releases new system software versions during the week days.

Anyway, if you’re impacted by this and have an iPhone or iPad on iOS 11, or you are concerned about being impacted by this, update to iOS 11.2 on the iPhone or iPad. The bug should not impact devices running earlier system software releases prior to iOS 11.

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