Leading by Example: Great Customer Service Moments


Customers look up to the brands they follow. Resolving customer queries only is not a good customer service strategy. With social media becoming an integral part of everyday life, customers definitely talk about brands on different social media forums. A good experience shared by a customer with a brand’s customer service representative can become a great marketing strategy. However a bad experience can haunt the brand for years until they redeem themselves with a good ploy.

Here is a list of 10 brands who got it right. They lead by example and customers were happy all the way.

1.United Airlines – A mom of a four month old baby, around the time of mother’s day, had forgotten her precious breastmilk on the plane. An United Airlines flight attendant on finding the containers with the valuable milk, located and personally delivered it to the mother in need. This wonderful gesture has been shared many a times over social media. United Airlines got all the right kind of attention it could get with this news in action.

2.Ritz-Carlton – Their customer service is almost legendary. Each employee is empowered to spend around 2000 dollars each to make the experience of guests astounding. John DiJulius, an author had narrated and even mentioned in his book how Ritz-Carlton ensured he got back his laptop charger which he had left in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton. Not just that he even got an extra one just in case.

3.Warby Parker – A customer had left his Warby Parker glasses on train by mistake. A general counsel for Warby Parker happened to witness the loss and decided to act on it. His glasses were not only sent to him but also he received a new pair. He even got a copy of a book as he was so engrossed in reading.

4.Taco Bell – A rumor about how a Taco Bell was about to open in Alaska had got the residents exited to no limits. On realizing it was not happening, the people obviously got disappointed. Taco Bell decided to surprise the residents by giving out 10,000 doritos flown across by a helicopter. It was one of the best publicity stint and it certainly became not just a talk of town but an awesome story that gets mentioned even today. What a great marketing effort

5.Honda – They sure know how to ‘love back’. For a small-time performing band called Monsters Calling Home, Honda surprised them, the budding musicians with a performance opportunity on Jimmy Kimmel Live. All the band members simply drove Hondas and Honda took notice of something that might seem so trivial. Hats off to Honda for going such an extra mile to make their customers feel happy and appreciated.

6.Target – They have amazing customer service skills. On one occasion a teen looking for a clip on tie got taught on how to tie a real tie. The warmth not only touched his heart but his sharing of this experience on social media went viral.

7.Sainsbury – A 3 and half year old by the name of Lily Robinson advised Sainsbury to change their tiger bread name to giraffe bread, as she thought it to be more appropriate. Sainsbury exchanged notes with her and concluded that she was right indeed with her suggestions. The social media who had been witnessing the exchange courtesy the little girls’ mom’s share on social media, also wanted the name change. Sainsbury happily gave in and included a note. It was heart touching story which made the bread all the more popular.

8.Lego – When a little boy lost his Lego action figure of Jay, he decided to write to Lego, just in case they had a replacement. Not only did he receive a replacement, but all the weapons his little ninja could have and even a villain to fight off. The happiness of the little boy knew no bounds. What a great thing to do by Lego.

9.Trader’s Joe – They are known for best helpdesk. Though they do not deliver regularly. They decided to make an exception on Christsmas. They not only set them up for delivering groceries for an 89 year old gentleman, but got him specials keeping his dietary needs in mind. Along with all of these they made the it free of cost. What a great way to celebrate Christmas from Trader’s Joe.

10.Morton Steakhouse – A wishful tweet by Peter Shankman, to have a steak delivered to him on airport actually came true. Morton decided to not let him go hungry on flight and delighted him with a full meal and silverware. This is a great example of how brands should perfect their listening skills.

Customer service is not just about responding. It is about responding right. A pinch of humor, genuine concern and care makes a brand a part of family for the customer. It creates a special place for the brand in their heart. With social media in full force, people love sharing such heart-touching stories. Needless to say, these acts not only show how some brands really value their customers, but they also garner great deal of business.

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