One Book that will Reset your Mind About Human and Present Tech World In 2018.


There is a huge rise of what is considered to be the most important development from the technology revolution and agent of change in the 21st century “Artificial Intelligence”. It will transform our economy, our culture, our politics and even our own bodies and minds in ways most people can hardly imagine.

Life 3.0
Life 3.0:  Max Tegmark


AI is now at a point where it learned to play 45 different games without being told anything about the game.

Max Tegmark’s Life 3.0 tries to rectify the situation. Written in an accessible and engaging style, and aimed at the general public, the book offers a political and philosophical map of the promises and perils of the AI revolution. Instead of pushing any one agenda or prediction, Tegmark seeks to cover as much ground as possible, reviewing a wide variety of scenarios concerning the impact of AI on the job market, warfare and political  systems.

AI systems that build smarter versions of themselves at an accelerating pace until their intellects surpass ours.

Life 3.0 does a good job of clarifying basic terms and key debates, and in dispelling common myths. While science fiction has caused many people to worry about evil robots, for instance, Tegmark rightly emphasises that the real problem is with the unforeseen consequences of developing highly competent AI. Artificial intelligence need not be evil and need not be encased in a robotic frame in order to wreak havoc. In Tegmark’s words, “the real risk with artificial general intelligence isn’t malice but competence. A superintelligent AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours, we’re in trouble.”

It’s a new age where to be intelligent is not an option but a must. Click here for more details about the book,



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