Paper Valley Is A Breezy VR Adventure About Throwing Paper Airplanes


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Paper Valley Is A Breezy VR Adventure About Throwing Paper Airplanes

There’s a lot of things to love about summer, but the breezy days of throwing then watching paper airplanes has to be a highlight. VR developer VITEI Backroom is chasing that sensation with its latest project.

Paper Valley, as the game is called, is set to fly onto the Oculus Rift in mid-2018. It’s to be the developer’s first full VR game, having worked on prototypes for games like A Tiny Escape. In it, players use the Touch controllers to throw planes are targets in windy garden environments trying to hit targets. There’s not a lot more to talk about right now but considering this is an interesting-looking VR game that doesn’t involve killing something, we thought we should bring it to your attention.

Like Tiny Escape, Paper Valley began life as a prototype named Paper Garden, which debuted at the BitSummit event in 2017. You can check the trailer for that iteration (running on the HTC Vive) below. The demo won a Famitsu award at the show.

Hopefully, if Paper Valley nails its atmosphere, this will be a game that’s much more than just throwing paper aircraft but instead that rare type of VR experience that actually captures the feel and mood of the world around you.

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