Read Chapter One Of Scraper: Rise of Cifer, The Tie-in Novel For Sci-Fi VR Shooter Scraper


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Read Chapter One Of Scraper: Rise of Cifer, The Tie-in Novel For Sci-Fi VR Shooter Scraper

UploadVR worked with Jim Ivon, President of Labrodex Studios — the team behind the upcoming VR shooter Scraper — to post some excerpts from the game’s tie-in novel: Scraper: The Rise of Cifer.

Written by prolific sci-fi writer and New York Times bestselling author Ryder Windham, the novel begins in the year 2075, and serves as an introduction to the game’s characters and backstory.

Scraper: The Rise of Cifer is now available on Amazon in both paperback and digital formats.

Chapter One


Lt. Charles “Chuck” Harvey was standing outside the Multinational Guard Recruitment Station, watching a steady stream of people flowing out from the New Austin Welcome Center and into the city plaza, when he no- ticed two humanoid robots walk by. The robots were Humech Version 3s, a male and female model from the Helpmate line, with Dyneema-skinned faces that could simulate the standard range of human facial expressions. Both V3s had small, distinctive blue lights built into their torsos and legs. Harvey was curious about the purpose of the lights, and he blinked at the V3s as they walked by. A tiny display in Harvey’s smart lenses indicated the time was 19:47 Central Daylight Time, thirteen minutes before sunset, on April 18, a Thursday.

He was still watching the robots when he felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned and saw a woman with red hair and a rash of freckles across her face. His lenses presented an automatic stream of data that identified the woman as Lt. Susan Keevers, twenty-eight years old, New Austin resident, US citizen, blood type O negative. Like Harvey, she wore a dark blue semi- formal Multinational Guard uniform. He shifted his eyes to kill the data stream, which he didn’t require for Keevers because he’d known her for al- most three years.

Keevers glanced at the two Humech Helpmates that Harvey had been looking at. She said, “You’re supposed to be keeping an eye on newcomers for potential recruits. The human newcomers.”

“Yeah, I know,” Harvey said. “But check out those Helpmates with blue lights on their coxal-servomotor cowlings and hip actuators. I tried blinking for info about the lights but nothing came up. What’s that about?”

Keevers looked again at the Humechs, who were now moving past the office for the Scraper megacity’s Housing Authority. “Beats me,” she said. “Maybe your lenses aren’t working?”

“No, they’re working fine. I’m seeing readouts for everything else. Did you try blinking?”

“No, Chuck. I’m not that curious about the lights.”

Harvey used his smart lenses to magnify his view of the Humechs’ illu- minated cowlings and actuators. He blinked again but his lenses didn’t con- jure up any information. “It’s probably just an identification thing,” he said.

“Or maybe ICARUS is testing new tech for Humechs.”

“Or maybe,” Keevers said, “Humechs need taillights so they can see bet- ter when they run backwards.”

Harvey looked at Keevers. “Ya think?”

Keevers groaned. “Stop staring at the Humechs’ butts, Chuck.”

“I wasn’t staring. I was observing. You know, watching for anything un- usual. I mean, you’ve never seen blue lights like that before on a Humech either, have you?”

“Do us both a favor,” Keevers said, “and focus on our assignment. Keep your eyes on real people.”

Harvey returned his attention to […] UploadVR

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