Spider-Man: Homecoming: Who Is The Post-Credit Character?


Spider-Man: Homecoming is now in theaters, and if you haven’t heard, there are two post-credit sequences, which you can learn about here. Who was the unfamiliar character shown during the mid-credit scene, and what’s his history with Spider-Man? Continue reading as we break down who this iconic character is.

Warning: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming below.

The character in question was none other than Mac Gargan, better known as Scorpion. He’s someone important in Spider-Man’s history, and has an incredibly wild character arc.

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During the mid-credit sequence, Toomes is in prison, walking through the halls by the cells. when he is approached by another inmate. This is the same person we saw on the Staten Island Ferry–who got webbed to the back of the boat–earlier in the film. That inmate is Mac Gargan, but most people know him better by his supervillain name, Scorpion.

He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #19 back in 1964 and was created by the legendary Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. During Gargan’s first appearance–shown above–he was assigned to follow and track Peter Parker. In issue #20, it was revealed that J Jonah Jameson hired him for the job; however, Jameson had a new mission for Gargan. He paid the tracker $ 10,000 to be in a science experiment that would turn the ordinary man into a super-powered being that could defeat Spider-Man. The experiment left Gargan with superhuman coordination and strength. In addition, he was given a costume with a tail that could be swung like a sledgehammer. The Scorpion was born.

Gargan received some additional powers because of the experiment. He has enhanced speed, endurance, and reflexes. In addition, his tail got a few upgrades throughout the years, like when he could spray acid out of it. He’s one of the few villains in Spider-Man’s rogue gallery that is more powerful than him in every way.

Scorpion bested Spider-Man during their first battle. However, instead of unmasking the webslinger–like he was ordered to by Jameson–Gargan decided to rob an armored truck, stealing the money inside. Eventually, Spider-Man caught up to Scorpion, beat him, and turned him into the police.

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Gargan took on a new form in 2004 when the Venom symbiote left Eddie Brock and took on Gargan as its new host. This new Venom played a major role in a lot of storylines, which included joining The Thunderbolts and Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers. After a few years, the symbiote was separated from Gargan during Siege. Gargan was imprisoned, only to later escape and return as Scorpion in a heavily armored suit.

If you want to learn more about Mac Gargan, check out these stories.

  • “The Last Stand”: Spider-Man takes on the Sinister Twelve, after Norman Osborn orchestrates Aunt May’s kidnapping. This is when Scorpion becomes Venom. The story takes place in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #9-12.
  • Thunderbolts: Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato’s legendary run on this supervillain team book has Gargan, as Venom, working with some of Marvel’s baddest villains. You should check out Thunderbolts #110-121.
  • Dark Avengers: Gargan joins Norman Osborn’s new Avengers team, during some dark times in Marvel comics. The tail end of the arc features Gargan losing the Venom symbiote. For this story, check out Dark Avengers #1-16, leading into Siege #1-4.
  • “New Ways To Die”: Gargan, with the Venom symbiote, battles Eddie Brock, now called Anti-Venom. It takes place in Amazing Spider-Man #568-573.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out now. You can check out our review here. You can also learn more about characters and elements in the film by checking out “Who Is The Vulture,” “Who Is The Shocker,” and “What Is Damage Control.”

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