Understanding how social media platforms use videos should help to select the right platform for video marketing


Creating video content has become a necessity today because it is the most preferred type of content for marketers that help to create better engagement and drives more traffic.  Although videos create engaging content, it differs in impact when used on websites and social media. The use of videos for marketing and business gathers more momentum when used on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram because of the possibilities of high sharing with chances of videos going viral.   If you are not using video content for your business, then you are doing injustice to your marketing capabilities as you keep yourself away from the bigger section of consumers. No matter what your company does and what you are selling, if you do not have a video marketing strategy, you are losing out on a significant share of the market.

The social media platforms are the biggest places to share videos online, and you must take advantage of it to take your business to new heights. Creating the right type of video content would make your marketing strategies look superb and provide the proper return on investment. All that you have to do is to understand the mechanics of video marketing and have some idea of creating impressive video content with help from a professional Denver videographer who understands marketing.

The biggest question that you might face is in choosing the right social media platforms that suit your marketing goals. With every social media platform being almost equally capable in propagating videos, you should look through the covers to understand the specialty of each platform in using videos and match it with your needs. This should help to select the right platform which should also be the ones where you would find the largest presence of your targeted audience. Now, let us take a close look at each social media platform to discover its strength in promoting videos.

YouTube video is a vast repository of content

No discussion about video streaming social media platforms can start without the mention of YouTube that streamed videos for the first time in 2005. To understand the enormity of the platform, it is enough to know that every minute video content equivalent to 300 hours makes its way to the platform. It is a great place to launch a career and grow a brand whether it is personal or for business. The platform remains as strong as ever in helping marketers to get a toe-hold in online marketing, but its huge size creates an overcrowded place that can drown your voice among the din for gaining visibility. The competition is just too intense on YouTube with a billion users trying to outsmart each other to make their content most visible. Trying to stick your neck out from the crowd can be overwhelming at times.

Moreover, other growing platforms are ready to serve marketers by providing special capabilities that are sorely lacking on YouTube.

The Facebook video offers the best of everything

Facebook has been the leader of the pack of social media platforms that stream video content. It provides the best means of reaching out to consumers, and they have enhanced their strength by incorporating video ad products for direct response and sales. Besides, marketers get more than they expect from the platform that has become the greatest data company for marketers for all time. For gaining the most extensive outreach, it becomes almost mandatory to use Facebook for video marketing even if you use the same content on YouTube.  Since Facebook places a lot of weight on videos posted on the platform, you must not just leave a link of the video on YouTube for viewers to find it out on Facebook but make sure that you upload the video natively of Facebook. Natively posted videos have higher chances of the community seeing it.

Twitter generates higher engagement

Twitter assures engagement for videos uploaded on the platform and for making the best use of the platform you must focus on connecting and engaging instead of just pushing the video. Earlier it was easy to generate engagement on Twitter, but as the platform has grown, it has become a listening platform. As the number of users and the amount of information on Twitter has increased manifold, having the same engagement as earlier has become quite tricky. Creating engagement should be the goal when you are uploading video content on Twitter that provides ample scope for getting closer to your target audience through continuous engagement. Upscaling your activity on Twitter is the best way to stay engaged and encourage others to respond to your actions that create more engagement.

Snapchat videos are attention-grabbing

Snapchat is huge, and it has its attractions that drive marketers to get the best from it in video marketing. The technique of using the platform for video content promotion is different from other social media platforms in that the life of a video can be maximin 24 hours or less depending on the choice of users. Even, a video might last just for a second. It creates a compelling attraction because the craze for seeing something that might vanish in a wink is huge and it also has a far-reaching impact on marketing. Marketers can reach out to an enormous number of people due to the special feature of the platform that enables users to receive content from media companies. Media companies like ESPN, National Geographic, Vice and many other media companies participate in the program. To make things attractive, Snapchat allows brands to pre-roll ads before uploading content.

Whether you are a small business or want to grow your brand, you cannot do it without engaging with the audience on social media platforms with appropriate video content. Just know that all these platforms use videos differently and you must consider and respect the social context that these platforms address.

Its time that you include video content into your content marketing strategy because even a day’s delay in doing it could result in denying yourself huge marketing opportunities.

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