Ways To Use Instagram Quick Replies For The Direct Messages


Are you planning to use IG direct message for communicating with audience? If so, then you might have been going the right thing. Now the only think is to look for an easy way for providing quick replies to some of the common questions through direct messages. In this source, you are proudly going to discover ways to create multiple IG quick replies to the IG direct messages. But before any of that, you better clear your mind on what IG quick replies are. It will help you to work on the deals really well.

What do you mean by IG quick replies?

IG has relatively rolled out quick replies feature to all the major business accounts. Quick replies are formatted responses that you might set up and then insert right into direct messages. The main aim is to avoid having to type just the same response time and again to multiple people.

  • On an average, the IG user does not have much need for this current tool. This is why the IG has limited feature to the present business profiles. Marketers and businesses will definitely find it quite helpful and efficient at the same time.
  • Always remember that quick replies are not any kind of automated responses like Chabot on FB messenger or any form of automatic email rule set for some phrases or keywords.
  • You will always have to access and then read messages which are sent to you. After that, you have to select some quick replies from list of responses to just send.

Your reasons to use IG quick replies in direct messages:

There are so many reasons for you to use IF quick replies in direct messages. If you have any specific question you are asked more than once via IG direct messages or topics, which frequently come up in the surface, then the Quick Replies feature will work just like a lifesaver. You can always use it for followers for Instagram and create a good name in the end. There are multiple situations where the area of quick replies might prove to be of great help for your businesses out there.

  • In case the outside company is just held responsible for the message and comment responses for account, setting up that pre-formatted quick reply will help. It can be used for answering common questions or topics which will ensure that the agency has correct info without needing to verify each response.
  • When there are multiple people managing the single business account, it becomes really difficult to maintain consistent brand voice or just ensure each person has same knowledge of situation or topic. Using some of the quick replies can always help team to stay consistent in responses to inquiries. It can further be used for managing brand voice when communicating well with audience.
  • In some of the regulated or technical industries like financial sector, even a single misplaced word or any incorrect term can cause some disastrous effects on business. For avoiding such potential mistakes, using some of the pre-formatted quick replies to some of the common topics already reviewed by subject matter or legal team expert is helpful.

Along with these reasons, quick replies will help businesses to manage customer service better and with virtual storefronts. As per IG, over 150 million people uses direct messages every month for conversing with businesses. Around a third of those people will come from IG stories where the only responding way to story is through direct message. With all these messaging happening with surrounding businesses, it is always quite easy to see how simple messaging and effective form of communication can benefit businesses on IG.

FAQs and compose answers for the IG quick replies:

To just get started with first set of the quick replies, you might look through some of the previous message threads in account for finding some common asked questions. You can copy any one of the present answers or just get to draft new responses for properly answering those topics or questions.  Some of the common topics are primarily associated with business hours, tutorials on products, prices or rates or even best way for ordering something or confirming reservation.

  • In case you are making plans to run promotion or campaign which you expect will generate questions or comments through direct messages, then you can plan those quick reply responses before campaign. Then you can have those loaded in list so you and other members of your team can have easy access to them during campaign.
  • Even though quick replies are mostly standardized responses always be sure that the tone and voice of messages align with brand style. In case the IG posts are fun with casual touch with emojis and slang, then the quick replies must have the same feel to it.
  • Formatting the replies just to look casual and sound as if the same person wrote it is the key around here. Remember that the responses should not at all sound automated in any way whatsoever.

Perfect creation of the IG quick replies:

There are primarily three ways in which you can address quick reply in direct messages. For the first two options, you are asked to be in direct message chat thread with either one or more recipient.

  1. You can always create a new quick reply right from the scratch. For that, you can tap on Quick Reply Icon in message field of chat screen.
  2. You can further try to create a new quick reply from any current or existing message. Rather than working on it from the scratch, you can save message once sent to someone and then work on it.
  3. For the third option, you can add quick reply from quick replies tab in the account settings. Things will start working out evenly for you.

It is always mandatory to check out the values and notion of direct message first before working in this sector. Here, the modes will definitely act in your favor.


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