Weak iPhone 8 Sales, Low iPhone X Supplies: Win-Win for Apple?


Usually, by this time of year, discussions about Apple would have shifted to next year’s iPhones. Instead, the Apple media continues to write about this year’s handsets for obvious reasons.

Depending on who’s asked, the iPhone X is either the best or worse thing to happen to Apple.

Yes, the company’s newest flagship device includes features never before seen on smartphones. But, will these features work?

By contrast, the iPhone 8/8 Plus has received some of the best reviews in the history of smartphones, not that anyone would know this. When compared to the shiny new iPhone X, these handsets are tired and dull, no?

There’s one thing all of these mostly negative reports have in common. They’re all based on unconfirmed rumors and innuendo.

Yes, iPhone 8 sales, for example, have probably been weak in the early weeks, but why wouldn’t they be? For weeks, Apple has been telling everyone about the iPhone X’s greatness. At the same time, any talk about the iPhone 8 has been limited to paid advertising.

And about those iPhone X supply constraint stories, it’s become tough to separate fact from fiction.

For example, just yesterday Bloomberg claimed Apple was forced to downgrade its rigorous Face ID requirements for the iPhone X to push more units out the door. As you can imagine, this report caused a mini-firestorm among the Apple blogs.

Bloomberg, like The Wall Street Journal and others, is known for its excellent Apple reporting. Despite this, Apple quickly shot down the report, mainly calling it fake news.

Who’s right? Perhaps they both are.

I have no doubt Apple’s partners have had a difficult time manufacturing the spanking new iPhone X. I’m also sure those problems were mostly resolved weeks ago with a result being the iPhone X will launch without a significant concern like bendgate or antennagate.

The bottom line: I think Apple’s problems with both iPhone 8 sales and iPhone X constraints are mostly overblown with both disappearing before the end of the year.

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