What will website design look like in 2019?


It seems like yesterday when we were dabbling in HTML4 and CSS2. Websites were gradually emerging from the era of overcrowded pages, cartoonish animations, and marquee text. That marked the beginning of the new millennium, and it is astonishing that we are already inching closer towards the end of its second decade.

It is 2019, and that means it is finally time to revisit the trends that shook 2018 and find out all about the ones that have survived the tides of time. The internet has evolved and subsequently paved the way for AI, VR, and AR. Almost all the businesses in the Brooklyn area have websites that are gradually adopting responsive, and AI-friendly designs. There is no way we can think about browsing the sites without completely responsive designs and seamless layouts.

Website designs have not only abandoned the acid fonts and grid layouts, but they have progressed towards unhinged creativity. The success of minimalism has been astounding up until the beginning of 2018. This year we got to see a number of throwbacks including odes to brutalist website designs, the 90s inspired neon and flash layouts, and a burst of colors on the most popular websites around the world. It was a year of incredible diversity. That has set up a lot of expectations from the website designers in 2019.

Here are the top five trends that we can expect to see in 2019

  1. Black-and-white palettes

It might come as a surprise to the millions out there, but black-and-white website designs are coming back with a bang this year. After the vibrant palettes we have seen in 2018 including the duo-chrome designs, it will be a welcome change. As of the beginning of 2019,we are expecting to see a lot more clean black-and-white layouts. The lack of accent color in the palette is going to be the most striking change of this year. Thousands of businesses are vying for attention in the small area of Brooklyn. To eliminate competition and to set themselves apart from the others,some of the rising stars of Brooklyn are choosing B&W setups instead of the conventional colored layouts.

  • The rise of CSS3 animations

It has been out there for a while now, but CSS3 animations are on the rise as 2019 is crowning. The use of enhanced animations is going to make the websites more interactive. Most sites are embracing CSS3 animations including background videos and scrolling effects to keep their user experience premium.Since Google pays utmost attention to UX right now, there is no better move than to enhance the quality of animations. The recent changes in the Explore Brooklyn website tell us just how important background animations are right now and how much of a difference they can make! 

  • A huge variation in typography

Fonts have become more important than ever right now. It has always been an art, but right now, the typography of a site can make it or break it. The art of arranging text is not only difficult but also extremely critical to create the correct appeal of a piece of content.The size, vertical space between the letters, the spacing between the characters, the width of each text block, and the selection of fonts according to the hierarchy of the text are the fundamental factors that determine the quality of experience a website offers.

  • Breaking the grid

In 2019, websites will step outside the conventional grids and set new trends of grid-breaking designs. Asymmetrical designs are becoming more popular by the day, and website designers are turning towards fast, minimalist and flat designs. A huge class of adventurous designers are pioneering the fresh and striking broken layouts that can set a website apart from the off-the-mill designs. They are not the traditional templates you see around the web. These are bespoke, signature designs that expert designers create out of their imagination. Soon, we should be able to find easy-to-edit templates of”grid free” or “grid breaking” and asymmetrical designs,but for now, it is a symbol of finesse and artistic maturity. 

  • Video Backgrounds

We cannot talk about video backgrounds enough! If you want your website to speak to the target audience,you need video backgrounds. While there may have been a time, when the sites had to sacrifice their speed to set up animated backgrounds, it is not going to be true in 2019. This year, you get to pick your custom background for your site, and you get to keep your lightning fast speed. You get to please the visitors by offering them something unique, as well as the king of search engines by giving it fast page loading times. CSS3 can power video backgrounds seamlessly without slowing your website down.

Brooklyn has become the hub of new businesses, and if you want to draw the attention of a crowd to your shop, you will need a stunning website. Your website should define the greater part of your online presence. Check out the Brooklyn web design with Vigor Seorchers and talk to designers with experience and resources for getting a new business site up and running in2019.

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